Some related content of foshan stainless steel sink

Some related content of foshan stainless steel sink

2022-11-24 16:18

Regarding single and double slots:

This depends on personal preference. The first requirement for purchasing a foshan stainless steel sink is that the pots and pans can be easily put into the foshan stainless steel sink for cleaning. Under this requirement, if the cabinet at home is relatively small, the space for placing the foshan stainless steel sink is also relatively small, so you can buy a single sink directly without considering other things; if your foshan stainless steel sink has sufficient space, put There are two double slots, and you can also choose one of the large slots that can easily put down large items for cleaning, and the other side can be drained.

foshan stainless steel sink

About Soap Dispenser and Knife Holder:

Nowadays, more and more foshan stainless steel sink designs are equipped with soap dispenser and knife holder, which seem to have complete functions and better shapes, but to be honest, these two functions are rather useless. I have never used these two functions in my own home anyway, and the whole foshan stainless steel sink is easy to have dead ends when cleaning. Of course, some people think that the soap dispenser and knife holder are convenient.

About the faucet:

Most of the foshan stainless steel sinks are sold with faucet, the quality and warranty of the faucet is also very important, because the frequency of use of the faucet is very high. Some foshan stainless steel sinks are sold without a faucet, and the faucet needs to be purchased at an additional cost. When purchasing, be sure to ask what components are included in the price.

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