Installation method selection of foshan stainless steel sink

Installation method selection of foshan stainless steel sink

2022-10-24 17:50

There are three installation methods for foshan stainless steel sink: above-the-counter installation (on-counter basin), embedded installation (table basin), and under-counter installation (under-counter basin).

The installation method of the countertop basin is simple, and the edge of the sink is installed directly on the table. The sink has good bearing capacity and is firmly installed.

foshan stainless steel sink

However, when the sink is installed, the perimeter is sealed with glass glue. If you use it for a long time, the glue around the sink will turn yellow and moldy, which is very ugly. Moreover, the countertop basin also has an obvious disadvantage. The surrounding area is higher than the countertop. It is very inconvenient to clean the countertop. The water on the countertop cannot be directly swept into the sink.

The installation method of Taichung basin is complicated. Although the edge of the sink is still on the countertop, the countertop needs to be sanded before installation so that the edge and countertop are flat after the sink is installed.

The transition between the edge of the Taichung basin and the countertop is natural and smooth, which looks more beautiful, bears a good load and is easy to clean. However, the polishing of the countertop is more complicated, so the installation of the Taichung basin requires relatively high skills of the installer, and often costs more installation costs.

The installation method of the under-counter basin is also more complicated. The edge of the sink is under the table, and it is installed by applying glue blocks and adding fasteners.

Since the basin is under the countertop, it is very easy to clean, and the water from the countertop can be swept directly into the sink. However, the load-bearing of the under-counter basin is relatively poor, the installation is difficult, and the cost is high. If the installation is not standardized, the heavier pots may fall off.

Which installation method is better for foshan stainless steel sink? I personally think the basin above is not recommended. If possible, choose a countertop basin and countertop basin, and stainless steel itself is not heavy, so even if you choose to install it under the counter, you don't have to worry too much.

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