Several solutions for clogging of 304 stainless steel kitchen sink

Several solutions for clogging of 304 stainless steel kitchen sink

2022-09-13 17:06

Everyone knows that once the sewer of 304 stainless steel kitchen sink is blocked, it will seriously endanger daily life and make people very distressed. From time to time, the water will not flow, and the kitchen sink cannot be used all the time. Today, let the stainless steel sink wholesale manufacturer introduce some details to everyone Reasonable way to dredge the sewer!

The 304 stainless steel kitchen sink is used for washing dishes. After a long time, the sewers are easily blocked by some small plant residues and oil stains. If you do not dredging and cleaning regularly, you will not only be unable to remove the waste water, but will continue to seriously endanger daily life, and even cause a lot of germs, which will also harm the human body in the long run. The following are good ways to dredge the sewers without looking for a technical professional job. staff, you can also clean the drain at home.

304 stainless steel kitchen sink

1. If the bathroom drain is blocked due to hair, you can find a small bottle of water and mix it with soap powder, pour it into the drain, and then pour boiling water, so that the hair can be eliminated, yes, or you can try to take it out A small section of hair. Natural cleaning takes a little time.

2. Most of the 304 stainless steel kitchen sink sewers in the restaurant are blocked due to accumulated oil pollution. At this time, a dredge can be used to extend the inside while shaking the brush, so that the sewers can be dredged by continuously flushing several times.

3. When using the 304 stainless steel kitchen sink, sometimes some hard blocks accidentally fall into the sink, which will also cause serious blockage to the sewer. If the sink is not deep, the human eye can see it, and it can be hooked out with a hook. , If it is deeper, find technical professional staff to carry out dredging. If you can, it is more troublesome. You need to remove the sewer first, then clear the blockage, and clean the sewer before installation.

4. If it is slightly blocked, you can use pressure to unblock it, find a rubber tube that can connect the faucet and the sewer, insert one end into the sewer opening, and connect the other end to the faucet, and then open the faucet to a larger one. enough to have an effect on clogging.

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