304 stainless steel kitchen sink is single slot or double slot better

304 stainless steel kitchen sink is single slot or double slot better

2022-09-19 15:43

304 stainless steel kitchen sink is an important part of the kitchen, it is easy to clean, durable and the price is compared with other materials, the material of 304 stainless steel kitchen sink will indeed be more favorable. Many housewives choose it first. After all, it is a frequently used area, so the damage resistance must be high.

304 stainless steel kitchen sink

1. Double slot and single slot

Small-sized 304 stainless steel kitchen sinks are of course better to choose single-slot. If it is a kitchen with a large space, double-slots are also a better choice. It mainly depends on personal preference. In fact, both have their own advantages. Can't say single slot is better or double slot is better.

2. Under-counter and on-counter basins

Under-counter basin: The opening specification of the countertop is the same as that of the kitchen sink basin. The kitchen sink is pasted from the underside of the countertop. The stone opening is perfectly fitted with the basin, and then it is fixed on its marble with hook glue. The advantage is that the water and dirt on the countertop can be easily swept into the sink, which is very convenient to clean.

Over-counter basin: Unlike the under-counter basin, although the size of the opening is the same as that of the kitchen sink under-counter basin, but if it is placed from the countertop, the edge of the basin will be exposed on the top of the cabinet, and the installation is relatively It is convenient, but it is very inconvenient to clean it in the future, and it is easy to mold and blacken in the gap for a long time.

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