Proper maintenance of china Glass Rinser for Kitchen Sinks

Proper maintenance of china Glass Rinser for Kitchen Sinks

2023-05-10 13:56

china Glass Rinser for Kitchen Sinks is one of the important tools in the modern home kitchen. It can not only help us clean kitchen dishes quickly and efficiently, but also protect the environment. However, after using the cleaner for a long time, if there is no correct maintenance method, it is easy to have problems such as reduced cleaning effect and shortened service life.

china Glass Rinser for Kitchen Sinks

1. The normal use and maintenance of the cleaner

First of all, in order to make the service life of the cleaner longer, it is recommended that you avoid hard objects or long-term impact as much as possible during use; Take it out and install it correctly according to the instructions to avoid damage and accidents.

2. Regularly clean the internal structure

The unreasonable design of the internal structure of the washer may lead to the accumulation of dirt and difficulty in cleaning. It is recommended that you should thoroughly clean the main body of the washer every two months or so. You can choose to remove the washer strip and the negative ion plate, and wash them with mild detergent and water. It is best to choose professional cleaning tools for cleaning.

3. Prevent stagnant water

China Glass Rinser for Kitchen Sinks are often affected by water pipes, faucets, sinks, etc. during use, resulting in splashes, water leaks, or even short circuits. Dry in a dryer to prevent standing water or small amounts of moisture from promoting damage to the insert.

Four, timely replacement

After the cleaner is used for a long time, the problem of service life will naturally appear. When there are abnormal conditions such as obvious decline in cleaning effect and insufficient tightness of the chuck, it is recommended to replace the strip and negative ion plate.

To sum up, the correct maintenance method can prolong the service life of China Glass Rinser for Kitchen Sinks, reduce the occurrence of failures, thereby improving the efficiency of use and saving maintenance costs.

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